For you, we’ve created a custom solution which will
connect you like never before

Supported Systems

The ConnectCS platform has been designed as an intelligent, configurable, and scalable solution that allows you, via a single application , deploy to many different room designs. Whether you need a Huddle Room, Presentation Room, Conference Room, Multi-Purpose/Divisible Spaces , and more , ConnectCS knows how to handle your configuration.

Distributed Solution

ConnectCS Platform also supports multi-instance, distributed processing. ConnectCS can identify other friendly instances to share resources and logic across a network to allow for ultimate scalability.

Intelligent Routing

ConnectCS Platform supports intelligent audio/video routing. What does this mean? In layman's terms, our platform has a “gps” for finding its audio/video paths to send devices from source to destination.

Plugin Model

ConnectCS has been designed to support a plugin-based approach to its devices, business logic, and components. Swapping devices across your system is not a programming hassle, it is as simple as swapping the already compatible plugin.

Configuration Model

ConnectCS is not a “programming” model. It is a configuration model. Our platform is driven by pre-tested, pre-designed code, where the introduction of logic errors are eliminated. ConnectCS uses its configuration files to determine its behavior, devices, UI layout, audio/video paths, etc. This allows for a single application, ConnectCS, to deploy to many systems, with minimal effort.