About ICD

ICD is an industry leading A/V professional services company offering complete audio visual professional services, managed services and deployment support for multimedia presentation systems and general audio visual room environments. ICD is the industry’s resource center for professional services, such as system design, control system programming, audio DSP programming and system commissioning. We support 70% of the industry’s largest businesses providing all the necessary services from system design and engineering through programming and system commissioning

Today ICD provides a unique customer experience derived by its industry leading DeployAV SaaS solution. With DeployAV we provide complete and non-technical audio visual control system programming tool. Our tool allows non-technical users the ability to configure and deploy rooms systems via a web based services portal.



ICD started in the early 2000’s. In the early days, ICD provided contract programming services to both Audio Visual Systems Integrators and end users. The value in those early days was ICD’s ability to provide an intuitive user interface design backed by ICD’s top-notch reliable programming experience.

As ICD matured in the industry, it experience further success. Because ICD had a process for a predictable and quality result it attracted many new companies to our doorstep. By the time we were not quite 10 years in the business, we had successfully deployed thousands of audio visual control systems, whether Crestron, AMX or Extron. And ICD had established itself as the number one audio visual control system programming company in the industry.

Over the course of time, ICD had successfully programmed systems for 70% of the top systems integrators, and had established good rapport with many of the industry’s professional audio visual consultants who would specify the use of ICD’s programming as a part of the consultant’s specifications. As well, ICD was called on my industry manufacturers to provide programming support, module development and module development for some of our manufacturer partner’s most important projects.

ICD continued to improve upon the overall UI experience and a streamlined programming experience. Yet, there was more that we wished to provide to enhance and simplify the way that systems are assembled, programmed and deployed. We wanted to make it simpler, more feature rich, and able to deploy at scale…

This is why we created DeployAV.